#106: Breaking Barriers: Jeevan Sunner's Journey as a Female VC

Beginner's Mind

Jan 30 2023 • 1 hr 30 mins

Are you curious about what it takes to be a female venture capitalist in 2023?

Join us as we sit down with Jeevan, a successful woman in the industry, to discuss the world of female entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. With her insights on the tech focus areas of 2023, the challenges of attracting women into the VC world, and the importance of warm referrals, Jeevan offers a unique perspective on the startup investment landscape. Get a glimpse into the life of a female VC as she shares her journey and valuable lessons learned. Tune in now to learn what it takes to become a venture capitalist in 2023 and expand your knowledge on the exciting world of startup investments.

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Jeevan Sunner
Christian Soschner

đź“– Memorable quotes:
(49:33) “Linkedin Made Investors in Silicon Valley Accessible”
(49:55) “Communication, Accessibility, Relationship building, and Information sharing make social media super powerful.”
(55:40) “Take your time and do your due diligence on investors to understand whether their values are aligned with yours and whether you see that 10-15 years partnership happening.”
(59:30) “We are flexible in the way we collaborate with founders. It can be a more passive approach, or for first-time founders more hands-on”
(01:09:00) “When it comes to dilution, we rather have a smaller slice of a bigger pie, than a massive slice of a smaller pie”

⏰  Timestamps:
(00:00) Unlocking the Secrets of Venture Capital: An Insider's View
(03:15) Brave the Winter of England with Jeevan in December 2022
(05:44) The Journey to Becoming a Top Venture Capitalist in 2023
(11:00) Spotting the Next Big Tech Trend in 2023
(14:20) Empowering Female Entrepreneurs and VCs to Create Change
(20:00) Breaking Barriers: What it Takes to Attract More Women in Tech VC
(23:00) The Power of Warm Referrals and How VCs Evaluate a Pitch deck
(26:00) Timing is Everything: When is the Right Moment to Approach a VC?
(30:30) A Day in the Life of a Busy Venture Capitalist
(39:30) Decoding Job Titles in Venture Funds: What They Really Mean
(44:15) The Human Side of Investing: Why Relationships are Key
(46:15) 2 Vital Lessons for Founders from a VC's Perspective
(48:55) The Rise of Social Media in the Startup Investment World 2023
(50:35) Podpower: The Importance of Podcasts in Building Relationships in 202

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