MM 1: Alex Zhavoronkov - Transforming Drug Discovery Forever: How AI Is Revolutionizing Medicine and Changing Lives!

Beginner's Mind

Mar 9 2023 • 7 mins

Welcome to our new series, Memorable Moments!

In this series, we bring you highlights from past episodes that contain some of the most memorable insights and important information that you won't want to miss.

In this episode, we explore the groundbreaking potential of AI in drug discovery and anti-aging research.

Listen in as we share clips from our interview with Alex Zhavoronkov, who is leading the charge in this revolutionary technology that cuts costs, increases success rates, and drastically shortens the time it takes to develop new therapies.

Join us as we share memorable moments and life-changing insights that will help you discover the incredible potential of the future of medicine. Don't miss out on this powerful and inspiring episode of our podcast - tune in now!

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:44 Alex Zhavoronkov Explains how his solution increases the probability of success, cuts costs and timelines in Drug Discovery and Development
07:20 Shout out to our new subscribers on Buzzsprout+

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