231. Unique Coronation Traditions From Around the World! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

Thinking in English

May 8 2023 • 21 mins

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From a crown mounted with the embroidered head of a raven, to drinking mildly narcotic beverages, to water collected from rivers at a specific time, there are a lot of unique and sometimes strange coronation ceremonies around the world. Let’s learn about a few today!

TRANSCRIPT - https://thinkinginenglish.blog/2023/05/08/unique-coronation-traditions-from-around-the-world/

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  • Symbol (n) - a sign, shape, or object that is used to represent something else.
  • Sacred (adj) - considered to be holy and deserving respect, especially because of a connection with a god.
  • Enthronement (n) - the act of putting a king, queen, etc. through the ceremony of sitting on a throne (= chair used in ceremonies) in order to mark the official beginning of their period in power.
  • Purification (n) - in some religions, the act of removing from a person, usually by a ceremony, the bad effects that they are suffering.
  • To revere (v) - to very much respect and admire someone or something.
  • Deity (n) - a god or goddess.
  • Dignitary (n) - a person who has an important position in a society.
  • To bless (v) - to call or make someone or something holy.
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