286. Who is Responsible for the Most Deaths in History?: The Story of Thomas Midgely Jr! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

Thinking in English

Mar 4 2024 • 30 mins

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Today I want to tell you the story of Thomas Midgely Jr. He was a scientist, engineer, and incredibly successful inventor. His creations revolutionised transportation and made refrigerators and air conditioners possible.

Unfortunately, his inventions were also incredibly harmful. They caused millions of deaths and perhaps harmed the world more than any other human creations. Let’s discuss why and how he is accidentally responsible for the most deaths in human history!

TRANSCRIPT - https://thinkinginenglish.blog/2024/03/04/286-who-is-responsible-for-the-most-deaths-in-history-the-story-of-thomas-midgely-jr-english-vocabulary-lesson/

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  • Lead (Noun): A heavy metal element (Pb)
  • Gasoline (Noun): A volatile, flammable liquid used as fuel in engines.
  • Consequence (Noun): The result or effect of an action, decision, or condition.
  • Refrigeration (Noun): The process of cooling or preserving food, goods, or spaces using artificial means.
  • Engine Knock (Noun): The metallic knocking sound in an internal combustion engine caused by premature ignition of fuel.
  • CFCs (Abbreviation, Noun): Chlorofluorocarbons, a group of compounds containing carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, once used as refrigerants and propellants.
  • Atmosphere (Noun): The envelope of gases surrounding a planet, particularly Earth, held in place by gravity.
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