225. What is NATO? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

Thinking in English

Apr 17 2023 • 22 mins

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Earlier this month, Finland became the 31st member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, better known as NATO. Today, I want to explain the origins of NATO, its purpose, and discuss why Finland joining is a significant move!

TRANSCRIPT - https://thinkinginenglish.blog/2023/04/17/225-what-is-nato/

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  • Accession (n) - the time when a country officially joins a group of countries or signs an agreement.
  • Alliance (n) - a group of countries, political parties, or people who have agreed to work together because of shared interests or aims.
  • To reel (v) - If you reel, or your mind or brain reels, you feel very confused or shocked and unable to act.
  • Meaningful (adj) - useful, serious, or important.
  • Collective (adj) - done or shared by every member of a group.
  • To deter (v) - to prevent someone from doing something or to make someone less enthusiastic about doing something by making it difficult for that person to do it or by threatening bad results if they do it.
  • To constitute (v) - to form or make something.
  • Non-alignment (adj) - If a country is non-aligned, it does not support or depend on any powerful country or group of countries.
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