Secrets | Episode 1

The Beautiful Liar

Nov 17 2021 • 38 mins

In the series premiere, Clementine, a strong-willed, stand-offish blind teen sets out to make her first day of her senior year in a new school as normal as possible but the voice in her head is making that near impossible. Elsewhere on a different timeline, two suspicious agents are on the hunt for “Client Four” who has just escaped the mysterious Institute they work for.  ~~ From QCODE, makers of fantastic audio fiction. Visit to learn more. And, check out our new shows - Birds of Empire and The Peepkins. Listen to this episode uninterrupted (without ads in the middle) with QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts. Learn more at Follow us: On Instagram @QCODEMedia  On Twitter @QCODEMedia  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit