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S16 Ep 26: Ian Wright

Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

Apr 10 2024 • 51 mins

We’ve got mum’s second favourite footballer of all time (after her beloved Marcus) on the pod this week, it’s the legendary Ian Wright!!! Husband Sam - a spurs fan - even did the hoovering before he came over because that’s how much the nation adores this man! Football royalty-come-pie maker, Ian has recently launched his very own ‘Uncle Wrightys' collaboration with Willy's Pies, and he brought some round for us to try for lunch. Over an absolutely delicious roast chicken pie, Ian shared stories about growing up with his mum’s daily rice and peas, his eternal love of an oyster, filming his debut acting film role, being a father and some of his kids following in his footballing steps, and he thinks this this could genuinely be the year of England winning the Euros! We are totally in love with Ian, one of the most beautiful and charming guests we’ve ever had! We LOVE YOU IAN!!!

Ian’s ‘Uncle Wrighty’s’ roast chicken pie is available to purchase from Willy’s Pies stockists across the country.

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