Aaron Seymour-Anderson from Red Wing Shoe Co.

Heart Made

21-09-2020 • 53 Min.

Heart Made brings you deep-dive conversations about building successful legacy brands and hitting that sweet spot between craft and glory.

In this episode, we take huge strides in my talk with Aaron Seymour-Anderson, the Head of Brand + Creative at Red Wing Shoe Co. in Minnesota. Founded 115 years ago the legendary bootmaker is still going strong – with his traditional and more fashion-focused offerings alike. But how do you stay true to your brand's DNA without losing touch with future generations of customers? You will find out – walk with us!

Listen to more interviews with founders, entrepreneurs, artisans and tastemakers on finding ikigai, the Japanese concept teaching us to combine four integral parts of any business: what you do best, what you enjoy doing, what the world needs and what you can get paid for.

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