Heart Made ... coming soon! (Trailer)

Heart Made

14-09-2020 • 5 Min.

Deep-dive conversations about building successful legacy brands and hitting that sweet spot between craft and glory. Listen to interviews with founders, entrepreneurs, artisans and tastemakers on finding ikigai, a Japanese concept teaching us the importance of combining four integral parts in any business:

  • what you do best
  • what you enjoy doing
  • what the world needs and
  • what you can get paid for.

Your host Siems Luckwaldt is a veteran journalist in the field of luxury and lifestyle reporting, who has covered fashion, beauty, watches and design for over 20 years for publications such as Capital, Business Punk, Robb Report, how to spend it, the Financial Times Deutschland and many others.

Heart Made is the first podcast of Craft & Glory, a magazine celebrating extraordinary companies, brands and people who believe in the art of making things. Better. More at craftandglory.com/heartmade/