Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond

Louise Carleton-Gertsch

We’ve all heard of the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication –, but what if there were other key skills and qualities? What about the power of curiosity, the value of empathy and the need for grit? Join me – and my guests – as we delve into these core skills in this podcast series and work out just what their importance is for students of English.

Episode 14: Sharing ideas: the importance of presentation literacyEpisode 13: Connecting through storytellingEpisode 12: Digital literacy Part 2Episode 11: Digital literacy Part 1Episode 10: Exercising agencyEpisode 9: The power of gritEpisode 8: Stepping into someone else’s shoes: empathyEpisode 7: The art of listeningEpisode 6: Finding common ground: communicationEpisode 5: Working towards a common goal: collaborationEpisode 4: At the heart of being human lies creativityEpisode 3: Delving deeper: critical thinkingEpisode 2: It all begins with curiosityEpisode 1: Introducing the 4 Cs