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Dear Listeners, and Welcome to my podcast the curious car Show. Here you’ll find me talking about cars and my opinions about everything in life. And I actually got no real plan about podcasting, but it will be great anyways. So take yourself something to drink and enjoy. By the way if you want to share an opinion with me or giving me some sort of productive feedback send it at talkingwatrmelon@gmail.com or simply send me a message on twitter @tcc_show.
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A new old BMW
13 Min.
A new old BMW…Little Opinion about E-FuelsAnother facelift and some cars in Mexico3sum without a roofI like piston headsSome neoclassicism and limitless germanyNews from Maranello and I complainRadio Stations and annoying car presentationsSome bad jokes and unnecessary consolesNews from BMW and a quick look at Nintendo