#036 Becoming a Midwife! Jerika Smith shares her experience

Hey Mama, I have questions.

11-11-2021 • 1 Std. 11 Min.

Jerika Smith joins us this week! She's studying to be a midwife and comes on the podcast to talk about her path to becoming a CPM, attending births, and how home birth and birth centers became an option for so many during the pandemic. We range from talking about midwife legalities drama, to gentle c-sections and hospital shift changes, and the cost barriers to being and having a midwife. Settle in and enjoy!

TW: For those as squeamish as Hanna: Warning for minute 24-25.

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The instagram account she mentions is @badassmotherbirther - would recommend for anyone who wants to see real births!

Website: https://heymamaihavequestions.com

Instagram: @heymamaihavequestions

Email: heymama@heymamaihavequestions.com

YouTube: Hey Mama, I have questions.