058: How to get the team to see your vision with Bruce Djite

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Apr 18 2022 • 38 mins

Institutions and organisations plan and set targets but they need the support of the team and the stakeholders to be materialised. This is where the role of a leader becomes strategic as he/she needs to get the team to see that vision and get them on board.

The inclusion of people’s idea into that plan and being able to provide value to the members are critical. This process can be accelerated by making investment in people; getting to know people outside your normal circle, by taking interest in their stories and building networks. This allows for understanding different perspectives, both from the personal and cultural levels, which is very important for a leader.

This is what the former professional footballer and the current CEO at Committee for Adelaide, Bruce Djite, our guest for this episode, has to say. Listen to Bruce who has moved from being an athlete, a professional soccer player, to being a man behind policy driving the development of Adelaide with plans for population to traffic, infrastructure and technology driven growth for Adelaide, out of his sheer like for challenge.

For Adelaide to achieve its targets for 2030, Bruce says the individual organisations need to position themselves for growth, need to be openminded and have a growth mindset. They should have the ability to see the talent rather than letting them go where they are appreciated – eye for preventing brain-drain.

To know the details, listen to our podcast with Bruce Djite.

Topics We Discussed include:

·  Getting to know Bruce Djite (2:59)

·  Targets or plans for Adelaide (6:45)

·  Sector or industry with biggest growth potential (9:10)

·  Reason for moving from sports to policy making (Committee of Adelaide) (10:44)

·  Getting the team aboard (16:39)

·  Role of the stakeholders in realising your goals (20:20) mindset of the people

·  How to get the individual organisations moving forward (22:15)

·  How to build/grow your network (25:01)

·  Knowing different languages and openness to multi(cultural) perspectives (27:41)

·  What lies ahead for Committee of Adelaide (30:27)

·  Solutions and being ambitious (31:19)

·  Mindset (32:03)

·  Top five tips for leaders (36:17)

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