How To Use Recurring NPCs in TTRPGs


15-08-2022 • 52 Min.

In this episode, we are discussing the use of recurring non-player characters for your D&D Game and talk about their functions for the story and worlds you create. This episode is less about creating these Important NPCs and more about how you can use them to create a more deeply connected world and narrative in your games.

In this episode, you will find lots of advice centered around how to use Important NPCs for your Story to help or antagonize your players to create a more engaging narrative for your players that shows a deeply connected world and story. These NPCs are there to further the story and give you the opportunity to connect your players to events and places too.

Check out the episode if you want to find out more about using recurring characters in D&D and TTRPG and how they help you create deeper worlds and narratives.

For more information check these timestamps:

13:00: What is a Side Character

17:00: What do Recurring Characters do

25:00: Labeling Side Characters

34:00: Guest Players are Side Characters

38:00: Avoiding DMPCs

44:00: Qualities of a Good Side Character

47:00: How to get these Qualities

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