DoubleDM #71: How You Can Present Your Lore To Players


13-06-2022 • 53 Min.

In this episode, we will discuss presenting your TTRPG and D&D Worlds lore to your players and how you can get your players to care about your setting as well as remember the lore you have presented in the past. We discuss all the different ways you can present lore and why you want to present lore in the first place. We talk about Loredumps and why Loredumps are badly executed most of the time and give guidance on how to create better more engaging lore dumps.

If you want to know more you can check out these timestamps:

18:00: What even is lore?

22:00: How can you present lore?

24:00: Written vs. Spoken

27:00: How does Lore Evolve?

31:30: The Driving Forces behind Lore Dumps

34:00: Why Lore Dumps are Bad?

36:30: When to Present Lore?

39:00: How to make Lore Dumps better

43:00: Passive vs. Active Presentation

49:00: Present the Lore easier

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