DoubleDM #76: Why You Should Pay Attention To Environments


18-07-2022 • 51 Min.

Episode 76 of DoubleDM discusses the Topic of Using Environments for your D&D and TTRPG Sessions and Campaigns.

We discuss a lot of different ways Environments can be used to create Immersion, Challenges, and so much more.

For Example, we discuss how they are Influential Factors in Worldbuilding and how you need to pay attention to a settlement's environment when creating it as it will have a lot of influence on its infrastructure, people, and appearance. Another way is how they are needed for great Encounter Design as not just a Backdrop for your great Boss Fight but also how they can be used in the combat by either side using Lair Actions or Area Effects.

As you can see they influence every scene and encounter you have in your games and are therefore an important topic to think about. This episode is focused on helping you understand how to make use of environments in the game and how to better play with them in the future.

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