DoubleDM #74: How You Can Deal With Power Creep


04-07-2022 • 59 Min.

In this episode, we discuss Power Creep at your D&D and TTRPGs Tables. We will describe a lot of different ways how you can identify and deal with different kinds of Power Escalation and Threat Levels and why Power Creep can come from both sides of the table. We highlight a lot of different ways how you can handle power escalations by creating different new challenges that will challenge your players more than their powers only.

Often times Power Creep can also creep into Storytelling where we are compelled to design greater and greater challenges that become more and more ridiculous for our players to deal with which pushes us to deal with a more and more increasingly hard challenge to come up with these challenges themself. We give guidance and advice on how to make sure you slow down on your threat development.

For more information check these timestamps:

16:20: What do we mean when we say Power Creep?

22:00: The Actual Problem of Power Creep

26:30: Why Power Creep is not Universal

29:00: The Many Ways to deal with Power Creep

36:00: Power Creep is not outright bad

40:00: How do you prevent ridiculous Threats

45:00: Slow Down in Escalation

50:00: Power Creep is a Perception Thing

54:00: You will need to change it up

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