How To Build Better Settlements in D&D


08-08-2022 • 1 Std.

Episode 79 of DoubleDM discusses the topic of creating Settlements and Cities for your D&D and TTRPG Homebrew Worlds. This Episode focuses on the worldbuilding and developing aspects of Settlement creation. We have lots of advice geared towards creating believable, fantastical, engaging, and interesting settlements for your players to explore and fall in love with.

We talk at length about different aspects that shape the way a city will look, feel and work such as Geography, Economy, and Politics so you can ask yourself a few simple questions and make a few bullet points to make sure you get the creation process right. At the same time, we talk a lot about how to make a city interesting and engaging for your players to find secrets, mysteries, and adventure wherever they look.

For more information check these timestamps:

12:00: What is a Settlement?

14:30: What are Settlements good for?

17:00: Why do we have Settlements in D&D?

25:00: Step 1: Geography of a Settlement

31:00: Step 2: Economy of a Settlement

33:00: Step 3: Politics of a Settlement

38:00: Intermission: Focus on one Step and do the others Baseline

40:00: Step 4: Demographics of a Settlement

44:00: Step 5: Cultural and Religious Sections of a Settlement

45:30: Step 6: History of a Settlement

48:00: Step 7: Planning of a Settlement

54:00: Add Incentives To Explore and Engage

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