Season 5, Episode 1 | FRP Well Network

The Recharge Zone Podcast

Mar 1 2024 • 24 mins

Monitoring groundwater quality and quantity has always been an important aspect of the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s (EAA) mission and core value of science-based policy. The addition of the EAA’s Field Research Park (FRP) property in 2019 provided a unique opportunity to closely study the behavior and characteristics of the aquifer system over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. In 2023, the EAA installed a new monitoring well at the FRP, which provides additional insight into the interactions between the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers, the quality of water in the system, and the effects of drought on aquifer water levels.

This is now the fifth well in the FRP monitoring network, joining the two existing water wells on the FRP property, and two other wells supplied by neighboring partners. Tune into this episode as Marcus Gary, EAA Principal Geoscientist, explains the process of drilling the newest edition to the FRP monitoring well network and how this data helps further aquifer research at the EAA.