SAP – Addressing businesses as customers in service | The Art of Customer Service #15 [ENG]

The Art of Customer Service // by Solvemate.

Jan 25 2021 • 32 mins

Esteban Kolsky, Head of Product (SAP CX Customer Service and Sales), knows customer service from top to bottom - from B2C to B2B. Talking to Erik Pfannmöller in this episode, they take a deep dive into the relation of both approaches and what it takes to deliver the right solution matched to your customers’ expectations. In the end it is all about personalization, speed and efficiency. In this episode, you’ll learn... 1) …how SAP developed its B2B customer service strategy and builds its B2C service tools 2) …how the structures of B2B and B2C customer service differ and what they have in common 3) …how key account management has evolved into B2B customer service using B2C tools 4) …which insights from B2B customer service help to improve your B2C customer service 👉 „The Art of Customer Service” is a podcast from digital kompakt: You’re being connected... Hello, how can we help you? For top notch customer service, please click the play button of „The Art of Customer Service”. From then on just follow the instructions of Erik Pfannmöller and his guests. They’ll instruct you in practice, tools and techniques concerning the topic of customer service. For further questions, please resort to the numerous shows in the digital kompakt universe. __________________________ ||||| PEOPLE ||||| 🗣 Moderation: Erik Pfannmöller, AI-expert and founder of chatbot-company Solvemate – 👤 Guest: Esteban Kolsky, Head of Strategy, CX and Head of Product, SAP CX Customer Service and Sales at SAP - __________________________ ||||| CHAPTERS ||||| from 00:00 | Introduction to the topic from 04:35 | What is the structural difference between B2B and B2C customer service? from 06:35 | How to reconcile B2B and B2C customer service from 12:29 | B2C software taking over B2B customer service from 16:54 | Personalized digital customer service from 22:39 | Customer service channels from 25:55 | Latency expectations 👉 digital kompakt on Patreon: __________________________ ||||| US ||||| 💛 More great things from us: