OTTO: Voice bots & customer service | The Art Of Customer Service #18 [ENG]

The Art of Customer Service // by Solvemate.

Apr 19 2021 • 32 mins

Jörg Heinemann, Principal Innovation & Digitalisation at OTTO, is passionate about conversational commerce and talks to Erik Pfannmöller about the future of voice in customer service. OTTO, one of the world's biggest e-commerce companies, was an early adopter of smart devices and voice assistants for service and later sales. For the future, Jörg Heinemann envisions customers to have the same great experience seamlessly across all channels. In this episode, you’ll learn • …how OTTO uses conversational commerce and creates great customer experiences beyond touch • …how OTTO’s chatbot Clara handles 30% of their incoming customer service requests successfully • …why OTTO started using smart devices for customer service and added direct sales options later • …why ‘voice in’ doesn’t need to equal ‘voice out’ and how to combine different channels and devices • …why voice is a convenient starting point for customer interactions 👉„The Art of Customer Service” is a podcast from digital kompakt: You’re being connected… Hello, how can we help you? For top notch customer service, please click the play button of „The Art of Customer Service”. From then on just follow the instructions of Erik Pfannmöller and his guests. They’ll instruct you in practice, tools and techniques concerning the topic of customer service. For further questions, please resort to the numerous shows in the digital kompakt universe. __________________________ ||||| PEOPLE ||||| 🗣 Moderation: Erik Pfannmöller, KI-Experte und Gründer des Chatbot-Unternehmens Solvemate – 👤 Guest: Jörg Heinemann, Principal Innovation & Digitalisation @OTTO — __________________________ ||||| SPONSORS ||||| 🔥 Overview of all sponsors: 🎧 Our exclusive audio partner Bang & Olufsen❤️. Find out more about our audio specialist here: __________________________ ||||| Chapters ||||| from 00:00 | Introduction to the topic from 03:55 | How important is voice in customer service? from 09:10 | The pros and cons of using voice interfaces from 11:25 | Smart speakers and voice in OTTOs customer service from 15:09 | Proportion of voice in commerce channels conversation from 17:56 | Voice-in is not voice-out from 20:10 | The chatbot „Clara“ from 24:33 | Usecases of voice in the future __________________________ ||||| US ||||| 💛 More great things from us:

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