S3E6: The Hyper-Personalization Edge in B2B Growth Strategies

B2B Marketing Automators

Feb 8 2024 • 10 mins

In this episode, the hosts discuss hyper personalization in B2B marketing. They explain that hyper personalization is the digital equivalent of a personalized relationship, where data is collected and used to deliver relevant and valuable messages. The hosts also highlight the practical use cases for hyper personalization and the steps involved in achieving it.


Hyper personalization in B2B marketing involves using data to deliver relevant and valuable messages to leads.

Practical use cases for hyper personalization include sending unique and personalized messages, nurturing leads based on their context, and avoiding mass spammy outreach.

The three steps to achieve hyper personalization are contact research and enrichment, learning and categorizing conversations, and identifying ready-to-buy leads.

Hyper personalization improves the customer experience, increases conversion rates, and provides a competitive advantage in the market.


00:00 Introduction to Hyper Personalization

01:40 Understanding Hyper Personalization

03:01 Practical Use Cases for Hyper Personalization

04:18 Step 1: Contact Research and Enrichment

05:32 Step 2: Learning and Categorizing Conversations

08:21 Step 3: Identifying Ready-to-Buy Leads

09:30 The Impact of Hyper Personalization

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