S3E4: Untapped Goldmine: Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Growth

B2B Marketing Automators

Jan 25 2024 • 25 mins

In this episode, the hosts discuss how to effectively use LinkedIn for business growth. They highlight the challenges faced by many users, such as not using LinkedIn to its full potential and not posting regularly. The conversation is divided into several chapters, covering topics such as establishing consistency and thought leadership, creating engaging content, hacks and tips for success, going viral on LinkedIn, and converting the LinkedIn audience into leads. The hosts also provide examples of successful LinkedIn strategies used by Jason Lemkin, Matt Lerner, and Alan Frei.


Consistency is key on LinkedIn. Posting at least once a week and being active on the platform helps establish thought leadership and reach the target audience.

Creating engaging content is crucial. Posts should address the audience's problems, share stories, and provide valuable insights.

Hacks and tips for success on LinkedIn include using personal profiles instead of company pages, starting posts with an attention-grabbing teaser, and engaging with other posts before publishing your own.

Going viral on LinkedIn requires a mix of personal and work-related stories, great copywriting, and riding the wave of trending posts.

Converting the LinkedIn audience into leads can be done by being proactive in reaching out to those who engage with your posts and starting conversations.

Examples of successful LinkedIn strategies include content repurposing, leveraging newsletters and LinkedIn posts, and using engaging and storytelling approaches.


00:00 Introduction: The Challenges of Using LinkedIn for Business Growth

03:08 Chapter 1: Establishing Consistency and Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

06:32 Chapter 2: Creating Engaging Content on LinkedIn

13:31 Chapter 3: Hacks and Tips for LinkedIn Success

19:16 Chapter 4: Going Viral on LinkedIn

21:27 Chapter 5: Converting LinkedIn Audience into Leads

23:27 Example 1: Jason Lemkin's Content Repurposing Strategy

24:21 Example 2: Matt Lerner's Newsletter and LinkedIn Posts

25:09 Example 3: Alan Frey's Engaging and Storytelling Approach

26:07 Conclusion

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