#44 | Interview mit Martijn Rozemuller, Europachef von VanEck

Aktiengram Podcast

Dec 17 2022 • 56 mins

In der heutigen Folge spreche ich mit Martijn Rozemuller, dem Europachef von VanEck. Wir führen den Podcast auf Englisch.

Fragen, die ich Martijn gestellt habe:

- How did you start your journey on investing? How did you get in touch with the stock market?
- Did you experience financial education while growing up or at school?
- Do you remember the first shares you bought? (Do you still own them?)
- How did you decide to start working in the field of high frequency trading?
- 2009 you started the Netherland’s first ETF provider Think ETF’s – how is the connection about high frequency trading and ETFs?
- Think ETF’s later was acquired by VanEck and here we are today: In my mind VanEck is well known for special Thematic ETFs like Video Gaming and Esports or Space Innovators
– what is the mission at VanEck?
- You serve a wide range of different products: Which is the most "favorite" ETF? (measured by the invested capital)
- How is the decision of whether to start a new ETF? (How does it work / Who decides in the end?)
- What are your future plans for VanEck and maybe also for yourself?
- How do you invest on your own? Which assets do we find in your personal portfolio?

Die im Podcast besprochenen Themen stellen keine Anlageberatung und auch keine Aufforderung zum Kauf oder Verkauf von Wertpapieren oder sonstigen Finanzprodukten dar.