How digitalization revolutionizes the transportation sector

Moving beyond

07-10-2021 • 36 Min.

Relative to 2005, urban rail traffic worldwide will grow by 180 percent until 2025, meaning that capacity has to nearly triple (1). To cope with this rapid development digitalization is the key to increased availability, automation, connectivity, and sustainability in rail infrastructure. But how is digitalization really catalyzing a revolution in the transport sector? And what can the Internet of Things and cloud-based applications contribute? In the fifth episode of “Moving beyond”, our host Sally Eaves is joined by Devina Pasta, Head of Digital, Technology & Innovation and Strategy at Siemens Mobility, and Cherie Wong, General Manager at AWS IoT Analytics Services, to explore how digitalization plays a key role in transportation and to make rail the backbone of a truly multimodal mobility ecosystem. Follow all participants on LinkedIn: Prof. Sally Eaves: Devina Pasta: Cherie Wong: Want to know more about our podcast? Visit or follow Siemens Mobility on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram Enjoyed our podcast? Leave a comment and a rating at Apple Podcast. Or if you have any questions, please contact us via E-Mail at (1) source: