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Moving beyond

07-05-2021 • 2 Min.

Siemens Mobility experts and guests comment on the future of mobility ­– hosted by Sally Eaves. As a society we need safe, reliable, sustainable and seamless mobility solutions. “Moving beyond” is the brand-new podcast by Siemens Mobility. How do we make sure that people will feel safe again using public transportation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic? How are we going to meet future challenges, particularly with demand set to grow substantially over the next decades? How can we succeed in making transport carbon neutral from door to door, across cities and in between? We will have a closer look at metropolises and how they tackle the challenges ahead. Join us and our resident host Professor Sally Eaves, an international expert and keynote speaker on emerging and advanced technologies, in a discussion with various experts from around the world about existing mobility technologies and future revolutionary ideas. Now is the time to build the momentum to change mobility.