Home idyll or global competition – how international is agriculture?

World of Farming - KWS Podcast

09-11-2021 • 34 Min.

At the end of our first podcast season, we have an English-language episode for you: Listen in to the topic of "Home idyll or global competition – how international is agriculture?" Huge farmland in Australia, challenging soils in the Eurasian Black Belt, highly specialized technology in the US: The production conditions for agriculture differ from country to country while at the same time farmers are increasingly involved in global economic systems. In our newest episode, we look at how agriculture works in different parts of the world – and what the connecting elements are. Therefore, we have invited two great colleagues with broad experience in the international agricultural business: José Bustos, responsible for the KWS Sugarbeet Business Unit, and Nicolás Wielandt, heading the Corn & Sunflower Europe Business Unit at KWS. Listen in now!