Episode# 27 Anna Ye Tea Educator based in New York

Shernelle's Tea Talk

Jun 27 2021 • 55 mins

Anna Ye is a tea educator & speaker for private, corporate tea experiences and community tea events based in New York.

Anna comes with years of hospitality and fine dining experience, having previously worked at Chikalicious and Restaurant Daniel. In 2017, her growing passion for tea lead her to join the team at In Pursuit of Tea– a high-end purveyor that sources loose leaf teas from around the world– where Anna came across  the opportunity to curate and lead educational workshops for home drinkers and hospitality industry professionals.

Anna realized her tea journey became one of self discovery and deep exploration. For her tea is more than simply a beverage on a menu– it is an extension of her Chinese heritage, and more importantly, a plant deeply rooted into our global cultural fabric. Through her work,  Anna hopes to introduce world class teas to a broader audience and draw awareness to the craftsmanship and restorative elements of the tea leaf.

Check out Anna's website here: https://www.anna-ye.com/

Follow Anna on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/annaye.tea/

Beyond the Cup Interview series info here: https://www.anna-ye.com/beyond-the-cup-events

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