016 : Keebs, Lofi Radio App, Disney, DSPs and investing in evergreen business

Sunday Roast ☕ Lofi banter, music pro-tips and dad jokes.

Mar 20 2022 • 1 hr 59 mins

If you dont want to waste 20 minutes of your listening about custom keyboards 'keebs' and mice, skip. Finally the PV Lofi Radio app gets a facelift and platform update (will be available on Android too). The Disney lofi compilation came out so that's that. Surely not our cup of tea BUT very well done and organized. This only adds up to the whole Purge tho, or does it? Sadly my little princess had a bit of a tough day that Sunday, so you can hear her in the background. Last but not least, we talk about evergreen investments in business and how indipendant artists come more and more in the forefront.

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