Sunday Roast ☕ Lofi banter, music pro-tips and dad jokes.

Pueblo Vista & Lazyboyloops

Pueblo Vista (Paul) and Lazyboyloops (Aaron) welcome you to a bi-weekly session of mild profanity, call-outs, facts, dad jokes, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. Lofi Hip Hop and Instrumental chill at it's finest. At least it's honest banter. Every other Sunday at 1PM (GMT)

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019 : Let's talk about Spotify Singles
1 Std. 22 Min.
019 : Let's talk about Spotify Singles018 : Audio issues, general advice, goals and how to NOT pick your artist alias017 : How to (not) be delusional, recoupable royalties and fake Spotify artists016 : Keebs, Lofi Radio App, Disney, DSPs and investing in evergreen business015 : Bandcamp x Epic Games and Lofi Hip Hop Purge updates014 : VR, diversity, entitlement and how to flex royalties.013 : The state of beat-making in 2022, gentrification, playlisting, social media addiction and our take.012 : NFTs, Metallica and YouTube Music011 : The Great Lo-Fi Purge, Pre-saves, NFTs and royalty splits010 : Reflecting on 2021, Ian Urbina and how to NOT run a music label009 : Numbats and marsupials, Spotify Wrapped, Apple Charts and bottled-up rants008 : Major labels, fast cash, merch rant and learning Hindu007 : Release strategies, Label simping, Solo releases and Mixing006 : Spotify algorithm abuse, Facebook Ads and Mental Health005 : Stream Farms, Bot Playlists and Curation Platforms.004 : Is Lo-Fi Hip Hop in a state of crisis?003 : Lofi Hot Takes, Playlists & Music Distribution002 : Lofi Girl Controversy, Label Contracts, Branding​001 : Running a Lo-Fi Label and then some...