79. What is the Shadow Self + Shadow Work

Modern Manifestation

05-12-2022 • 49 Min.

Manifestation happens as a result of your personality, which creates your personal reality. As we work to manifest the things we want, it's important that we understand hte things that have held us back. We manifest as a result of ALL of ourselves, not just the parts we're cognizant of.

In this episode, we talk all about shadow work, the shadow self, and how to integrate the two if you're interested in healing your triggers. Learn more about recognizing your shadows and reconciling your relationship with your shadow self. Tune into hear how to know when you're ready to begin this work and how our shadow selves were cultivated to begin with! If you find yourself asking what shadow work is or what the shadow self is, then this episode is for you! Let's address the side of you in the shadows, and bring it into the light.

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