81. My Ayahuasca Experience - An Overview

Modern Manifestation

06-01-2023 • 56 Min.

While I've hesitated to share this episode for a few weeks out of fear of rejection, I've decided it is time that I bring my recent Ayahuasca experience to the Modern Manifestation podcast! My Ayahuasca retreat was one of the most transformative moments of my life and I'm honored to share the experience with you. The reason it is important for me to share this experience is because there were a lot of insights that I gained that can help you along your own spiritual journey, including deciding whether or not experiencing an Ayahuasca ceremony is right for you. In this episode, we cover what is Ayahuasca, where Ayahuasca comes from, how Ayahuasca is made, my experiences with plant medicines, tips for finding an authentic Ayahuasca ceremony, and my overall experience throughout the weekend.  This episode is one of four episodes surrounding my journey. Stay tuned for the next 3 episodes as I discuss each night individually.

Tune in to hear more.

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