78. Become Open to Receiving

Modern Manifestation

17-11-2022 • 24 Min.

Are you open to receiving? Do you struggle with hyper independence? In this post, we get into how we get in our own way, why we struggle to ask for help, and why it's important to practice making change. From past traumas to a need for independence, our self-motivation and desire to do things on our own can turn from adaptive to maladaptive if we close ourselves off to receiving. In this episode, I incorporate some lessons learned from my childhood, my own plant medicine journey, and my spirit guides as we talk about becoming open to receiving, asking our guides for help, and establishing clear communication with source. Tune in to learn about being open, dropping your armor, and how to ask your spirit guides and higher self to make life a little easier for you. No one has to manifest alone!

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