The Augmented Reality blogcast for the industry

oculavis GmbH

The blogcast on remote assist, augmented reality workflows and digital business models in service and maintenance operations.

Episode 01: Generation Y as service technician? A new role model based on digital service technologies!Episode 02: 5G Retrofit of Machines for Realtime Applications of Augmented RealityEpisode 03: 130 customers and partners, 10 speakers, 8 technology spots - This was the All About Remote 2019!Episode 04: Is the hype over? The consolidation of the smart glasses marketEpisode 05: Microsoft Edge Browser switches to Chromium and is now supported by oculavis SHAREEpisode 06: Corona epidemic makes the need for remote support solutions more visible than everEpisode 07: Flatten the curve? How ramp-up management can be supported in going through the steepest possible curveEpisode 08: AR Remote Support as a business model in intralogistics. The GEBHARDT success story.Episode 09: thyssenkrupp relies on oculavis SHARE to network its global production sites.Episode 10: One out of two is in the home office! What about the rest?Episode 11: Machine builder SCHNAITHMANN shows how to select the right AR service solutionEpisode 12: oculavis now offers ISO 27001 certified data protection and data securityEpisode 13: Curse and blessing of the home office - a guest article of Gunter DueckEpisode 14: Digital workflows enable self guidance in machine related workEpisode 15: 5 approaches to combine Augmented Reality with Artificial IntelligenceEpisode 16: Record participation at All About Remote 2020 conferenceEpisode 17: A day with Lavinia Banu, working at oculavis.Episode 18: The ARxelerator Program. Background on the new innovation format of oculavis.Episode 19: Toughest conditions for frontline workers – augmented reality & remote assist in the cement industryEpisode 20: About the cooperation between ISAP and oculavis