Chad Bruckner on leadership, public service and the path to purpose

PCC Local Time

Jun 8 2023 • 55 mins

My guest on this episode of PCC Local Time is Chad Michael Bruckner and he opens up about his story of why he left policing and how he re-discovered his purpose. What I find so valuable in Chad’s story is his ability to build a bridge between his past and present. He does not throw away the past, but sees his wins, losses and failures as potential for growth. He looks for the transformative gold, something we can all hope for in our own lives.

Chad is coaching, consulting and writing a book now. He is also a popular speaker and a prolific content creator on social media. This episode relates to community safety, mental health and leadership If you know Chad, you know he is engaging and he certainly brings that home in this episode.


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[5:34] From the army to beginnings in law enforcement

[9:05} Policing is messy. It is not black and white. The cool club mentality

[10:33] The questions we are not asking during the selection process

[13:30] Experience as a young sergeant.

[16:55] Episode with mental health / PTSD mid 20’s

[21:36] I felt hopeless and powerless in my situation

[25:29] Vulnerability in leadership

[27:27] Ted Lasso

[33:52] Managers struggle with time and pressures

[41:04] Why I left policing

[43:47] The power of recovery

[48:45] What I am doing now and see coming in the future