Wow, the big day has finally arrived! Our children's books are published.

Children and Books

10-08-2021 • 15 Min.

"Mom, read me another bedtime story!" And which book should you pick then? Preferably a heartwarming one, with beautiful illustrations. And that's exactly what we did with Valley by the River. Just brought a beautiful children's book, which has actually been around for so long, into the world and published it. In this podcast episode we talk about the whole process, what does it actually mean to publish a children's book and what did we actually do for it? Now you have surely already listened to one or the other episode of our podcast and know us a little bit, that's exactly why you should just take a look at the book and give us a FeedBack. We are happy about every little reader and every feedback and hopefully also about yours. Greetings from Leipzig and Hamburg. See you next week!