January 6, 2022 Thursday Hour 1

The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show

Jan 6 2022 • 59 mins

The show I offer is truly like none other!  Sure, there are shows that play similar music and even some with the same artists.  What makes my show different, I play what I want to hear at the time of the songs playing.  I establish a three-hour base, then as the songs play, I get moved or nudged to play something else not on the days list.  I then seek, replace, and play what I want to hear.  There are NO focus group or science formulas behind what gets played.  Just my mood of the moment!  The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast...listen, like, comment, download, share, repeat…heard daily on Podchaser, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Listen Notes, Google Podcast Manager, Mixcloud, Player FM, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, and Pocket Cast, and APPLE iTunes!  Follow the show on TWITTER JimPrell@TMusicAuthority!  Are you listening? How does and can one listen in? Let me list the ways...

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The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast!

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The Reign (Feat. Joe Caravella) - 16 Victorian Proposal [The Long Wait]

Agent 13 - 11 Mirror, Mirror [Hindsight... 2020]

Fred LaRose - Catch My Thoughts [Grinding Up The Mountain - EP]

Allan Kaplon - Every Single Day [Notes On A Napkin]

@Alison Solo - Interlude What You Hide Can Hurt You [Plutonian]

The Parlophonics - 10 It's Alright [A Day In The Life]

Christopher Thomas - Luke And The Lion

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just Like Me [Greatest Hits]

The Sunchymes - 05 Feeling just fine [Shifting Sands]

The Crushing Violets - Alive [Starless Sky]

Catesby Jones - 01 - Making Mellow [These Roads Of No Return]

Keith Slettedahl - 04 My Baby [You Know You Know]

The Drool Brothers - The Rationalization

@The Rookies - What The Papers Say

Juniper - 01-The Dragon Coaster [The Juniper]

Ashes for Dreams - 113 Hands Off [Screwballs and Curveballs] (Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More)

@Martin Martini & The Bloody Mary’s - Could Be Love [Dwight Twilley Band Tribute] (Zero Hour Records)

The Lord Calverts – I Don’t Love You Anymore