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Hosted by Arrigo Lupori, Content Marketing: Scale Your B2B Firm is a podcast for founders of small B2B firms as well as B2B marketers looking to scale their business in a strategic, sustainable manner. The podcast focuses primarily on budgeting, content strategy and management, analytics, marketing technology, return on investment, and more. Tune in every week for your 15-minute fix of content marketing goodness, and don't forget to check out KoalaRank.com for even more useful content.

003 - Content Strategy #2: Messaging & Tone of Voice
003 - Content Strategy #2: Messaging & Tone of Voice
Following last week's episode, today's show talks about the exciting world of messaging as well as how to create a tone of voice that resonates with your audience.   For this to happen, you need to work on the following:   Understand your value proposition and craft an elevator pitchCreate messaging "pillars" based on your positioningWrap it up with some writing guidelines   The craft of messaging is deeply anchored to your positioning. You can think of the latter as the "glue" that holds your business model together.   Once you've found the right benefits to create messaging pillars off of, you want to craft some key messages that resonate with your target audience.   These should tie back not only into the benefit itself, but also into your entire brand philosophy. A good example of this is HubSpot's "Grow Better" tagline.   All of HubSpot's content—from blog posts to social media to video to sales page—ties back into the philosophy of growing your business better.   This is reiterated over and over again.   Why? Because it works.   Psychology studies have shown that people need to see the same message 7 to 11 times before they fully internalize it. That's how many times you have to reach your prospects before they "get" it!   So, I highly recommend that you spend some time there.   Then, focus on your tone of voice...   What traits does your brand have that others don't? And how can you have those traits shine through into writing and audiovisual content?   Ask yourself how your prospects would like to hear something. Then put your branded spin into it and tie everything back to your brand mission.   A good example of this is Wendy's. They've been able to amass an incredible following of devoted fans "simply" by assuming a sarcastic tone on Twitter.   They run roasts, do all kinds of pranks, and even "mock" celebrities at times. However, it's their tone that makes things not go into lawsuit territory.   At Koala Rank, we call tone of voice assets writing guidelines. Feel free to reach out to learn more about how to get them done right.   Originally published Nov 18 2020