The Digital Distillery - A Travel Guide to Digital Media & Marketing

Phil McDowell

The Digital Distillery takes place all across Europe, bringing together some of the brightest minds of the Digital Media industry to put forward their ideas and insights to an audience of professional marketers. In the Digital Distillery Podcast we bring the core conversations and topics of these highly exclusive events to light. Cookieless, CTV, Video Display advertising, Programmatic and even the importance of Analog Advertising in a digital world, all get explored and explained in this first season of the Podcast with audio captured from the Vienna event in 2022. Relax and join us as we take you on an audio tour of the city, venues and of course, The Digital Distillery.

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1. The Cookie-less Future of Digital Marketing
1. The Cookie-less Future of Digital Marketing
Welcome to the Digital Distillery in Vienna and to the rooftop bar of the beautiful 25 Hours Hotel, (not affiliated, just a really cool place to stay and host an event).The event was back after two years in hiatus and the crowd was buzzing. The first speaker was that of Juergen Schmidt, CEO of STRG, a technology hub in digital media based in Vienna.Juergen's kick-off talk and the topic of the show day is all about Google's plan to drop the 3rd party cookie, the implications of that for the user and advertiser alike, and what might replace it.We talk about what cookies are and where they come from, the commonly used variations of them, and how they affect the experiences of advertisers and users alike. We go into the fact that Google have decided to completely drop the use of 3rd party Cookies and what strategy is in line to replace them. Originally it looked like FLoC was going to be it before backlash forced them to change tack and come back with Topics... but is it that different really?We have a brief interlude about the story of the famous Vienna Wine Scandal, and finally about how our internet experience is going to change  in the next few years and the ever evolving meaning of Privacy in the online world.If you would like to get in touch with us at the Digital Distillery with comments, corrections, info about the event or just to say G'Day you can find us at our website and hit the Podcast button.For further reading and references to the topics discussed on todays show you can follow the links below: