Tracking your SaaS Metrics and Assessing your Team for VC, with Florent-Aurélien Couturier-Crouzillac

A Cup of Capital

06-04-2021 • 28 Min.

Numbers speak louder than words. Today, my guest is Florent-Aurélien Couturier-Crouzillac, an associate at DTCP in their Growth Equity team. We talk about SaaS and its important metrics – from the POV of the investor. Florent explains which SaaS metrics count for the most with VCs, what is a good level for each, and how the founders can improve them. We also discuss how the VCs envisage a winning team and how a founder should build his team. Florent ends the episode with critical advice to listeners: you must listen to all advice, but you need not comply with all of it!