Retiring Strong: Building A Secure and Fulfilling Retirement

It's Your Life Podcast

Aug 8 2023 • 51 mins

Joshua Goldsmith, Goldsmith Financial and Dr. Clement E. Johnson Jr. ClemTech LLC.

• The ultimate goal to financial independence in retirement.
• The transition from pre-retirement to post-retirement.
• The various investment vehicles to maximize your retirement income.
• Overcoming obstacles and embracing your retirement journey.

Joshua Goldsmith is a financial consultant and owner of Goldsmith Financial. He is a retirement specialist and helps clients generate lifetime income from their retirement savings.

For over 15 years Mr. Goldsmith has been offering financial guidance to help his clients navigate the pitfalls standing between them achieving their financial goals. He is an expert in helping clients select the most appropriate investments to match their life stage, risk tolerance and income needs.


Dr. Clement E. Johnson’s company ClemNet works with business, federal, states, and local governments. ClemNet specializes in operational technology (OT) networks cybersecurity and services.

Dr. Johnson served 24 years on active duty in the Marine Corps as a field artillery operation chief. He retired at the rank of E8 Master Sergeant. As a Marine, Clement was instrumental in the development of automated fire support targeting, networks, and fire support system development. Clement was a fire support systems instructor for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (IMEF). He remains the only artilleryman to attend the Joint Automated Intelligence course in Dam Neck VA. He integrated automated fire support in both gulf wars and across our nation in every combatant command.

He has managed federal government programs that continue to provide the capability to our Nation.


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