Embracing Your Boldness: Finding the Courage to Overcome Hardships, Pursue Your Passion, and Seize New Opportunities

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Jul 4 2023 • 52 mins

Dr. Nina R. Copeland: CEO/ Founder Copeland’s Coaching and Consulting, LLC

• Introducing Dr. Nina R. Copeland: United States Army Major/0-4, Philanthropist, Transformational Coach, and CEO/Founder of Copeland’s Coaching and Consulting, LLC
• Overcoming hardships and adversity.
• The power of resilience and creating your own paths.
• Unmasking your true self, understanding your purpose and mindset.
• How to navigate transitions.

Dr. Nina Copeland is a transformational coach focusing on mental health and leadership development coaching.

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Dr Copeland holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Master of Arts in Procurement and Acquisition Management from Webster University. She recently received her Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy and Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching Certification from T.I.U.A School of Business.

Dr. Copeland received her commission in 2006 in the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant. She has held command and staff positions in tactical and strategic operations. She completed a combat tour in Iraq in 2010. Dr. Copeland has received many awards for volunteerism and notable achievements during her service.

In 2022, Dr. Copeland was awarded the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by President Joe R. Biden for her meritorious volunteerism and activism in the communities she has served in her footprint. She was recently presented with an award for Achieving the Impossible Award: Pivoting Philanthropy from the Wetati Academy.

Dr. Copeland’s philanthropy is making a difference in society through service, advocating, education, and empowerment. She has a burning desire to motivate young children and adults to make a difference, especially those with exceptionalities. Additionally, she is passionate about helping adults reconcile their trauma, eradicate negative self-talk, and encouragement to pursue their dream goals. She is the CEO / FOUNDER of Copeland’s Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

She is married to Tarrance T. Copeland and a mother of three sons, Terrell, Tyler, and Taylor. They are her "WHY" and the reason she continues to strive for excellence.

Website: https://www.drninacopeland.com/

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