c3 Communications, Inc., A Powerhouse Public Relations Agency

It's Your Life Podcast

May 30 2023 • 52 mins

Joice Truban Curry and Sean Curry.

• A sit-down discussion with the President and Founder of c3 Communications, Inc. Joice Truban Curry and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sean Curry.
• The services and companies that c3 Communications, Inc. works with
• The difference between Public Relations and Advertising
• The important items when working with a Public Relations Firm
• Why having a Public Relations firm is more important today with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Joice founded c3 in 2000. Today, 23 years later, Joice creates and leads programs for clients spanning the arts, education, hospitality, tourism, retail, business-to-business, restaurant, consumer product, non-profit, wellness, health care and entertainment industries.

As COO, Sean runs strategic point on c3’s clients and manages the collective c3 PR team. He oversees many of the national tours, shows and engagements c3 promotes each year as well as the franchise and multi-unit-based consumer product clients for the agency because of his vast experience in franchising.

In addition, his forte is in social media. He leads robust and impactful social media campaigns for many of c3’s clients. Under his leadership and strategic social media execution, the c3 team has captured amazing social media results for its clients.

Website: https://c3publicrelations.com/

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