"Leadership For The Future" with Thom Dennis - Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, Writer, and Voice Over Actor

It's Your Life Podcast

Sep 12 2023 • 52 mins

  • Introducing CEO, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, Writer, and Voice Over Actor Thom Dennis
  • “Serenity in Leadership.”
  • The importance of organizational culture and what happens when it’s ignored.
  • Why is there so much harassment and bullying?

Thom is a ground-breaking thought leader. He’s gone from engineer, pilot, officer in the British Royal Marines, and healer to coach, facilitator, writer, podcaster, agent of change & public speaker. He holds a Master’s in the psychology of change and is focused on rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine in men and women in society and business because he sees this as a clear route to healthy cultures where everyone is included, and where harassment, bullying and the abuse of power are all eliminated.

He is an international speaker, voiceover actor and Amazon #1 published author and has been featured on both BBC TV News and radio and as a thought leader in over 320 articles in industry-leading publications such as CEO Review, HR.com, HR Zone and HR Director in just the last two years.

As the CEO of Serenity in Leadership, Thom has been hired by global banking, pharmaceutical, energy and engineering brands such as Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GSK, Conoco Phillips, Shell, BP, Centrica, and Transocean to name just a few.

He's passionate about improving cultures and bringing awareness to those in positions of power so they understand themselves more deeply and care about the impact they have on their people and the environment. The leadership that got us to where we are today is not the leadership that will successfully take us forward – Thom is working with the leaders of the future who know they need to adopt the new skills for tomorrow’s challenges.

Company Website: https://www.serenityinleadership.com/
Retreat website: https://www.leadingthroughthevoid.com/

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