Maria José Iturralde about human behavior for change and climate protection actions as a service

The 2pt5 - Conversations Connecting Innovators

01-05-2021 • 54 Min.

This is the 2pt5, a podcast that connects innovators and helps them grow through meaningful conversations.

In this episode of The 2pt5 innovator podcast my guest is María José Iturralde. We are talking about human behavior for change and climate protection actions as a service and so much more. Chochi as she is called, is the co-founder of Humans for Abundance, an organisation in Ecuador that connects rainforest restorers with co-restorers across the globe. Humans for Abundance brings humans together via an E-Commerce platform which allows the easy booking of climate protection actions as a service. The purchase triggers defined actions, supports communities and develops a global understanding of the width of climate change responsibilities and requirements.

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Enjoy the show!


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