LGBTQ+ Labor History

Labor History Talks

Jun 21 2021 • 30 mins

Labor History Talks focuses on the relations between the LGBTQ+ community and labor efforts. Speaking are Avery Wear and Nicole. Recorded on 06/18/2021 General resources (special thanks to Avery & Leslie for the great suggestions!): Great general intros/quick reads: “How LGBTQ Union Activists Transformed the Labor Movement” “LGBT Labor History is All Our History” Pride at Work guide (1990): Pride at Work website: Miriam Frank, Out in the Union Miriam Frank, “Queer Liberation is a Labor Issue” Pride Month, Library of Congress: Marine Cooks & Stewards Union Sherry Wolf, Socialism & Sexuality Harvey Milk Milk (2008 biopic) (available on various streaming services) LGSM Pride (2014) (available on various streaming services)