203 Receive the Support You Desire & Require This Year (#1 of 3 in Series)

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Feb 12 2023 • 53 mins

“We have become so self-sufficient as women that we often don’t consider the support we need, and even when it does show up, we struggle to fully receive it.”

These are the words that start Chapter 8 in my book Overwhelmed and Over It which is the chapter that gets to the root about why we push away support or don't receive the support we need, and then up burned out, and stretched too thin.

In this 3-part series, Receive the Support You Desire & Require this Year, we take a stand together to get real and practical about how we ensure you DO get the support you need, require and desire, and/or make different choices based on the resources you have.

I was going to do this as one episode, but when I felt into what would really serve us, a deeper dive into you FEELING and BEING supported on all levels came through loud and clear.

In Part 1 we will explore and dive into some of the key wisdom teachings that create the foundation for support to actually show up in and grow in your life, including:

  • It is not weak to need support. Needing support is human.
  • It is a sign of strength to name the support you both desire and require.
  • To receive support you have to both NAME it and CLAIM it.
  • Frequency preceds form - meaning you have to feel supported before you are supported.
  • We have more support than we think. Expressing gratitude for the support you have, creates more a field for more support to come in

Throughout the series, we will create space for you to tune into 5 different realms you have the power to be and feel more supported, from the inside out. These just all happen to begin with the letter P.

They all reflect the FOUNDATIONS of SUPPORT we all need at this time.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time we will explore PRACTICE + PLAY, including the structures and support that will:

  • Keep you tuned into your higher consicousness, even when you are having a very human experience
  • Keep physically, emotionally and mentally harmonized - calm, clear, centered, rooted in wellbeing and resiliency
  • Keep your spirit lifted
  • Keep you feeling connected
  • Keep your imagination and creative channels flowing and your frequency and clarity high as a result.

Tune in. Share with a Friend. Then Support each other to receive the support you desire and require.

Big heart,



1. Overwhelmed And Over It Book - www.OverwhelmedandOverit.com