You Have Made a Difference - A Ritual to Honor Your Progress & Your Impact on People and the Planet

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Dec 21 2022 • 40 mins

Every year I love to create a special a Feminine Power Time episode that invites us to press pause and really reflect and receive the progress we have made, and the impact we have had on people, the planet and all of the projects and dreams that called for our attention this year. Why? Becasue most of us do not register in our minds, bodies or being that we really have made progress, and that what we are doing is making a difference.

Most of us feel like we are not doing enough – in our day to day, towards our goals, for others in need or for the planet.

So we feel like we are always behind, like there is never enough time, and like we will never have the space to get to what matters most.

This is I believe is one of the greatest sources of anxiety, dissatisfaction, overwhelm, burnout and stress that we have the power to shift by choosing to do something differently -- pause to truly FEEL how we have made a difference so we can SEE IT and BELIEVE IT ... and RECEIVE IT.

Exhale. My body seriously just took an exhale as I wrote that!

In order for your brain to register the progress you've made, and that things ARE happening and changing, you have to pause to feel it.

For your being to believe you are making a difference through your voices and choices, you've gotta feel that too.

And feel GOOD and PROUD ... this is called "honoring."

Self honor is very connected to self respect. Self Honor is one of the 10 types of self love - so it's not boastful or distorted pride, it's healthy. Honoring yourself for how you have chosen to show up, give your energy, be a source of good in the world is a way to bring more LOVE and peace and goodness into the world.

This episode is part wisdom teaching, part ritual, part guided visualization and feel-a-zation and part overall boost of wellbeing for your mind, body, spirit and heart.

Part 1: EOM - Evidence of Momentum. On the progress you have made in the different realms of your life - professionally and personally.

Part 2: EOL  - Evidence that your Love and Light touched people, real humans, and it mattered! (in all the ways you gave your energy and care)

Part 3: #HarmonicDefiance for the Planet: Evidence that your choices to do things differently + to elevate your own consciousness are impactly the planet's wellbeing.

Tune in.  See you there. This is for YOU.


P.S. ELEVATION ACTION: Share this podcast with a friend and then do the ritual together.
Share on one or all  of the parts - "I acknowledge I have made a difference by..." Witness and reflect for each other that you in fact have made a difference. Your presence matters!


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