POWER PAUSE: Tune Into What Matters Most to You This Year - a Series of 4 Inquiries

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

Jan 6 2023 • 45 mins

There are many things you could do this year, many things you think you should do, or maybe this year you have no idea what to do!? Or maybe you are feeling like you'd rather just pull the cover over your head.

Don't let the chaos and pressure of the world or the should's of your self-induced  pressure and thoughts swirl you up. Instead turn inward, tune into your heart and dare to tap into your deeper wisdom and desires and let those inspire and guide you.

Wisdom teaches us to use the power and practice of "inquiry" to consider the path before moving into action.

Not so we can have it all figured out like an agenda or project plan. But so we can be clear on our intentions, be connected to what's really in right timing, and to see what we can't see with our eyes but can sense with our deeper intuitive knowing ... if we slow down to listen.

Wisdom also teaches us ... the wisdom is within you for your most soul-aligned path ahead, the path that sustains you on all levels - mind, body, heart and spirit. And the portal into that wisdom is not in your mental mind, it's in your heart and body.

Every year I do an episode that takes us through a series of wisdom inquires I think would serve us to contemplate, at this time.

How we start the year creates the reality ahead.

Use the practice of these 'wisdom inquiries' so you can stay focused on what truly matters, create the realities for ourselves and the world that align with our deeper truth and desires, and realize sustainable success.

This year we have a set of 4 inquiries Four is the number of structure. So you can think of this as you setting structure / focus so that the year ahead actually aligns with what matters most.

Every year the inquires are different.

Because every year, we need differently inquiries to lead us to the possibilities we haven't even considered with our limited - often fear reactive - minds.

I comb through the many inquiries we use in the EMERGE Visioning Process to find 4 to "prime the pump" and open your visioning, intention setting and focusing for the year to come.

Tune in with me, Christine Arylo, transformational leadership advisor and teacher, for episode 202: Power Pause: Tune into What Matters Most to You This Year - A Series of 4 Inquiries

See you there!


P.S. This somatic and intuitive meditation was taped live during the Wisdom Session: A Different Way to Dream & Succeed. To tune into the full wisdom session go to https://christinearylo.lpages.co/a-different-way-to-dream/.


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Inquiries Shared in the Podcast

For this year ...

1. Tune into Self Love

  • I would love to explore ...
  • What I most need to receive to feel deeply nourished, sustained and supported is...
  • What would interfere with me allowing myself to explore or receive what matters to me?

2. Tune into Momentum

  • What already has momentum that I can continue to grow and receive from?
  • What pressure could I release to create space for what matters to me?

3. Tune into Creating a Whole Life

  • What matters most in my physical foundation - home, health and wealth this year?
  • What matters most in my personal relationships this year?
  • What matters most in my professional relationships / community connections this year?
  • What matters most in my sacred work, career, projects this year?
  • What matters most in my self-expression and personal growth this year?

4.  Tune Into Joy

  • What would bring me joy this year?

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