211: The Power of Stillness & Space Holding - #1 of 3 in What is the Feminine? Series

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo

May 18 2023 • 58 mins

I named the podcast Feminine Power Time for a reason. Even though the word 'feminine' throws or turns off many people (which is part of the reason I knew I needed to keep the name!) Even those of us that get to a point in which we get we need the feminine, want it and cherish the feminine can have a hard time understanding what it is, practically.

What do you do with the feminine?

How can it help me in my career? My relationships? Choices?

Is it really even relevant to business? and big issues like global warming and the education and safety of our children?

The short answer. Yes. We are just very ignorant (and imprinted) to not value or understand it.

One of my supers powers is taking big concepts and esoteric wisdom and breaking them down. Putting language, visuals, practices, models to it, so we can access this really potent wisdom and energy in our lives, and for all that we care about in the world.

The "feminine" first found me in 2006, after my first super woman sob in which all I was trying to do to have success in my business, mission and life was not working (more on that in the podcast).

Since then, I have studied it, explored it, experimented, and been educated and initiated into some of the most powerful energy I didn't know existed, but that was there within me all along.

For 17 years, I have seen how the feminine is the medicine needed to end at least two big epidemics - 1. burnout of the planet and people 2. the 'not enoughness' that drives so many peoople and young girls to so much unnecessary anxiety, self judgement, etc.

I also believe with all my heart that if we embody and apply the feminine, it brings the distortions of our current systems and society into balance and harmony ... and we start seeing HOW to create different realiities, that are rooted in value systems that honor the wellbeing of all people and this planet.

This is not airy hope ... this is practical application of straight up wisdom.

Tune in and join me for our inagural series in our 8th year ... What is the Feminine and Why Do We Need it?

The first in the series is 211: The Power of Stillness & Space Holding.

I will set us up for the series + we will dive into more including:

  • Going from Ready, Fire, Aim --> Intend, Aim, Release (it's a get out of the jail of overwhelm, busyness freedom card)
  • The Feminine Leadership Archetype of Space Holder
  • The Power Spectrum of Stillness and Swiftness to get into aligned action
  • Why you only want to do the Hustle if you are dancing :)

The feminine does like to be a bit of a mystery - so less words and bullet points. You will just have tune in for more.

See you there.


p.s.  >> REQUEST - Please SHARE this with a friend and then talk about Space Holder and Stiliness and Swiftness. CONVERSATION STARTERS: Where are you under-valuing your Space Holder leadership and expression? what do you choose to value differently as an act of Harmonic Defiance? How can you work with stillness and swiftness in a current situation to find aligned action?



  1. Overwhelmed and Over It Book - Preface, Introduction / Chapter 1 / Section 5 Liberate Your Power - all mentioned www.OverwhelmedandOverit.com

  2. Feminine Leadership Wisdom Session - for visuals and more wisdom on Power Spectrums and Feminine Leadership Archetypes - Gain Access Here


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